Time: 6:00 am Every Day

7 Prayer Points

Prayer Point 1:
*     The local and global church would experience a Spiritual Awakening and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by Signs, Wonders and Miracles.
Prayer Point 2:
  * Repentance and Salvation for those who have hardened their heart and turned from God.
  * Salvation for the 5.5 billion people who never heard the good news of the Gospel.
Prayer Point 3:
  * That the SCC church family would experience the blessings of God’s favor as it rests upon them and their households.
Prayer Point 4:
  * The SCC Pastoral and Leadership team would hear God’s voice with great clarity and Divine Understanding, as they lead God’s people in fulfilling His purpose.
Prayer Point 5:
  * The Ministries of Southtowns Christian Center Sunday Services, Worship Team, Sunday School, Media Dept, Greeters & Ushers, Food Pantry, Small Groups, and Missions (Local & Foreign).
Prayer Point 6:
  * SCC would have great influence in making a difference in our community, town, and city. In doing so, to God be the Glory!
Prayer Point 7:
  * Pray for yourself and ask God to baptize you with the Holy Spirit.
- Ask God to give you great boldness, courage, and spiritual discernment.
- Ask God to give you revelation knowledge and understanding of the Bible.
- Ask God to help you become more like Him in character and demonstration.
- Ask God for boldness and courage to invite others to church.
- Ask God to help you love and view yourself in the same manner He does.
- Ask God to help you to grow Deeper in Christ, Stronger in Faith, and Wider in Witness.