"Salvation For all Who Believe " - Pastor Tommy Smardz
NOTES and Scripture References
Salvation For All Who Believe Salvation - means deliverance from sin and its consequences, brought about by God's unmerited favor and faith in Christ. Join Pastor Tommy Smardz for this all-important message on "Salvation For All Who Believe".
The Way of Salvation
       The Two Sides Of Salvation
       Three Stages Of Salvation
       The Romans' Road To Salvation
Part 1 The Human Problem
      Romans 1:10 - Romans 3:23 = Romans 6:23

Part 2 Humanity's Hope In Christ
      Romans 5:8
Part 3 The Sinner's Response of Surrender
Romans 10:9-10, Romans 10:13 - John

Part 4: The Result of Salvation
John 3:16 - Romans 8:1 - Romans 6:23