Jan 14, 2019


As this New Year begins, it’s not unusual for us to make New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, most of those resolutions only last for a few weeks or months and then we find ourselves living the New Year the same as the old year we left behind!
I am not quite sure that we seek out the right things in life to change. I found out that the most important thing to change in my life is me. Everything around me can stay the same, but when “I” change, then those things around my life that never changed before, now begin to change too.
My wife, Shirley, preached a powerful message that specifically dealt with this kind of change in our lives. She talked about living in two time zones: #1) living in our “natural man” and, #2) “living in the spirit.” This life in the spirit is called KAIROS- it is God’s time and moment in our life. Many times as believers, we fail to enter this Kairos time and never experience change in our lives. Why? – Because we live out our lives as spiritual beings within the natural realm.
Everything about God is found in the realm of the spirit. Paul exhorted us not to walk in the dictates of the flesh, but to be led by the Holy Spirit. When we do this, we will find out that God has a time and moment whereby He will use you to achieve mighty things for Him. For example, David was anointed King when he was a young shepherd boy in the field tending to sheep. His father asked him to go down to the battlefield with food for his brothers who were part of Israel’s army fighting the Philistines. David, who was functioning in the natural man, went to the battle site to deliver food and he found the Philistines terrorizing Israel. The men were in fear of both the Philistine army and a warrior named Goliath. When David heard the shout and threats of the giant, I believe at that moment God spoke to his heart about the situation. God could speak to the heart of a young David because his heart was pure before God and could be trusted to respond to the voice and will of God. David, out of obedience to his father, delivered food to the battlefield and now, out of obedience to his heavenly Father, responded to the “Kairos” moment in his life.
David went to that battlefield living in the natural events of the day. God, hearing the cries of Israel, had a plan, but no one to work through it, because they were living out of the natural events of their own lives. They were not hearing with spirit ears the plan of God for that moment in time.
God, knowing the heart of David, spoke to him and gave him direction for the circumstance they were facing. That was a Kairos moment! A Kairos moment is having the ability to live “in the natural” events of the day, yet at the same time, being able to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and responding accordingly. The situation now with the Philistines and Israel was God’s time where “suddenly” God moved and there was a supernatural intervention of God in the midst of a “natural event”. This is the “suddenly” moment we often read about in the Bible where “suddenly” God intervenes in an area of our lives and a supernatural event, a miracle, takes place in the midst of our natural lives!
When 120 men and women were in the upper room, there was a “suddenly” when the Holy Spirit came upon them and baptized them with power. Immediately following the events of the upper room, we see exactly how God wants to move supernaturally in our natural lives. Peter and John, now leaving the upper room, came by the gate beautiful and encountered a lame man who was asking for alms. They will now encounter a “suddenly” moment with God where they will be allow that moment to be a Kairos time, or God’s time to supernaturally enter this “natural realm” and release a miracle that will change the lame man’s life forever.
Notice something interesting about that lame man. He didn’t need society to change. He didn’t need the temple to change. He didn’t need the world to change. He needed to change. As soon as the miracle power of God came into his life, he experienced a change that glorified God and changed the world around Him. The Bible illustrates numerous stories depicting how people living in the natural elements of their day allowed God to “suddenly” intervene in a Kairos moment, and the supernatural-miracle power of God was released. When our hearts are pure before God and willing and obedient to His voice, I believe the miracle events of the early church in the Book of Acts will be relived and released in the Body Of Christ in the 21st century.
It amazes me how often we hear people say that the events of the early church ended with the Book of Acts, yet no one has ever heard God say that. The reason is simple. God never intended that Kairos moments be removed from His people. We cannot be supernatural, Born Again believers, a New Creation and try to live our lives for God in the natural events of life never allowing the supernatural power of God to be released!
God showed us by example in the Book of Acts what a supernatural church is supposed to look like. Yes, we are to live in the Chronos or natural culture and events of our day, but we are also to have the ability to hear the voice of God. We need to allow the supernatural presence and power of God to be released in His time and moment.
When we do that, we will begin to see great change come into the world. We can then live in an unchanged world and yet still be changed ourselves, because the most important thing that needs to be changed is not in the world, but within man.
Perhaps as we enter 2019, we could do so with a whole new perspective. Let’s not look for the world, people, friends, or family to change, but looking for change in our own lives. When we change nothing else really has to.
Just maybe God has marked 2019 on His calendar in Heaven as a Kairos year. Could it be a year of visitation like the church and world has never seen before? Acts 2:2 says, “Suddenly there came a sound from Heaven.” Listen to the sound from Heaven and when you hear it, know that you are in a Kairos moment. It’s God’s time to do something miraculous and to be glorified in and through you! Keep your heart pure before Him and stay obedient to His voice.
Let’s make 2019 the year of the “Suddenly!” I would love to hear from you and pray specifically with you. Together we can stand, expectantly, full of faith, "knowing Him who is able to do infinitely more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen."