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Jun 17, 2019

Anointed to Lead

Scripture Reference Joel 2:28-32

I believe that we are living in a day when the outpouring of God’s Spirit that Joel spoke about will come upon men and women of every age!  However, we must be willing to take our position in life as leaders that are led by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The early church was a foreshadow of what is now to come.  To possess this, we must understand God’s purpose.

All of creation is held together for purpose.  The stars, moon, sun and planets all sit in the mighty hand of God.  You too are part of God’s creation and you have a purpose!  Most of creation accomplishes purpose because it does not resist God’s plan.  When you have an understanding of God and incorporate His pan for your life, you will become a leader, anointed for the purpose of God in your life!

If you feel a void in your life, remember that great things are created from nothing!  Nothing can become something and “nobodies” can become “somebodies” if you understand purpose!

In Eccl. 9:11, Solomon tells us that God does not favor only certain people.  He said that victory is not only for the strong and talented.  People do not have the exclusive right to achieve, but rather achievement is based on time and opportunity to become the leader God wants to anoint.  The upper room at Pentecost was the time and place of opportunity for 120 men and women to be anointed to lead and become who God created them to be.  As part of God’s creation, this diverse group of people turned nations upside down because they did not resist God’s plan.  Instead, they took advantage of the time and opportunity that God offered them.  The greatest tragedy that you can face in life is to miss the time and opportunity that God designed for your life.

Jesus approached four fishermen and told them “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  It was their time and opportunity to become who God had created them to be.  Jesus walked into the tax office of Matthew and said “follow me”.  Matthew was discouraged and despised by people, and in the middle of his confusion and discouragement, he faced an opportunity by Jesus to be changed. It was his time!

Joshua spent 40 years serving Moses when God told him that “Moses is dead”.  It is your time and opportunity to take on a role as a leader to fulfill your purpose for me.

You may not know the time, but you must be aware that when it is your time, you cannot resist opportunity!  Your call by God to become a leader is developed and earned.  Ruth, Joseph, Joshua, David and the disciples were developed through many things in their lives when suddenly their time came and God called them out to become world changers! 

God is raising up a new generation of men and women who will not settle for less than what God has for them.  These are people who are not satisfied with sitting around.  These people will have a desire to take the lead and bring change into relationships, homes and communities.

What is a leader?

1) Leaders lead people into God’s vision and purpose.

God approached Moses at the burning bush and told him that he would deliver the people from Egypt and take them into the Promised Land.  It was God’s plan and purpose that Moses would lead the people.  Everyone who leads must know where they are going and they must be sure when God is calling them to lead.  When Moses died, God called Joshua and told him to “Go restore the people into the land of Canaan”.  Joshua was to go before the people and tell them where he was going to lead them.  Good leaders go before the people, because they lead by example.  Jesus was a leader who led by example.  He went before the people as the good shepherd and said “my people know me and follow me”.

2) Leading means that you are willing to take action in time of truth.

Leaders must be willing to turn a crisis into a miracle.  Gideon was faced with a crisis and then he led 300 men and produced a miracle result.  Anyone who is in position to lead must take the initiative to move forward and not sit back when others fear.  They must hear from God and move out in faith into problems that seem impossible.

3) Leaders endure when others quit.

When David returned home from battle, he found that the homes were burned, families were missing, and possessions were stolen.  While other leaders lost heart, David rose up to pursue the enemy.  Though all the men were exhausted from battle, 200 of them had quit and 400 rose up in David!  Everyone of those men were true leaders  because they did not let discouragement rob them of their victory.  Leaders endure when there is a cause!

4) Leaders influence people to their destiny.

In Numbers 13, twelve leaders were sent out to spy the land that God gave them to possess.  When they came back, ten of those leaders led people to their destruction, but Joshua and Caleb influenced people to their destiny.  Leaders cannot compromise the truth of God’s Word, or they will destroy people from their God given destiny.  Israel’s destiny and the promise of God for them was to enter Canaan, the land of promise.  Of the twelve leaders, only two of them did not compromise the truth of God’s Word for the people.

Today, any leader who compromises God’s Word will ultimately lead people astray.  When God speaks, He does not expect resistance, He expects commitment!  God is about to release the greatest anointing this world has ever known, but He is looking for people who will lead and surrender all to His Lordship  Whatever you have gone through in life could have been a process where by God has developed you to now rise up and take your place as a man or woman in leadership!  Are you ready and willing?  Today could be the time and opportunity that God has set before you!